Who are we?

A small game development studio founded in 2012 by André Asantee and Bruno Pereira, located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. We seek to give players an unique experience, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Currently, our main project is Magic Rampage, a game released for the Android Platform in December 2013. Ever since, it has grown and we have had several highlights on Google Play. We have also been qualified as Top Developers and Magic Rampage has entered the Editor's Choice list as well.

Today, Magic Rampage reached the mark of more than 6 million downloads on the Android and iOS platforms. Now, we are launching the Competitive Mode to further engage our community of players who have been supporting us; the 2 thousand members in the Facebook Group and the members in our Facebook page which has more than 50 thousand likes.

In 2018, our company took a big step by opening an office to create an environment that encourages creativity and communication by providing a comfortable and convenient workspace for our team.

Our Projects